And I Said Nooo Nooo No

There’s been a lot of talk of recovery and the need thereof in my immediate circle lately. The word rehabilitation has been playing around my mind this morning, and I was thinking about the etymology. Latin re–again, habitare–to make fit. To make fit again presupposes that something was fit before. I don’t think that’s the case when it comes to… Read more →

Trash into Treasure

I vividly remember a dream I had when I was on tour in 2002. Pretty sure we were in Oklahoma City. I was at an artist’s studio, a ramshackle wooden shed painted white. It was outside on the greenest of green lawns, one of the most beautiful places I had ever seen. There were mosaics, mirrors, pinwheels spinning in the… Read more →


I tell my students all the time that they have to understand singing through their messy, creative, childy, story-mind before they can understand it with their empirical, ordered, Erlenmeyer flask brain. It’s true in the act of creating that we are using an intelligence that has been devalued by the post-enlightenment culture we live in. We are praised, win awards,… Read more →

Sonnet About Biscuits and Bacon

Sonnet About Biscuits and Bacon or a Lenten Meditation on Being Soft   I’d find it hard to name a better smell Than biscuits baking. Take that back. Add Some bacon in a cast iron skillet, well, If that don’t turn the goodest vegan bad…   My mama gave my wife and me a dough Bowl turned from wormy chestnut… Read more →

Leroy Means King

Last week I took a different route to school because of the snow. I came to a stoplight at Martin Luther King Drive and the end of Highway 29 and saw a man standing in the cold wearing old army surplus fatigues and holding one of the too-many cardboard signs I see here in Greensboro. He was about six feet,… Read more →

Sweet Beulah Land

When I was a little boy my mom and dad would sing this song at Woodville Baptist Church (near Westfield NC). “Sweet Beulah Land” by Squire Parsons. I remember the woman who often babysat me on Sunday afternoons and was my trusted source for Hubba Bubba, Hazel Norman (who also carried me into the church for the first time after… Read more →


Here is a simple setting I wrote of the Magnificat. I love this quote. One of my favorite writers, Madeleine L’Engle, and one of my favorite books, Walking on Water: “The artist is a servant who is willing to be a birthgiver. In a very real sense the artist (male or female) should be like Mary who, when the angel… Read more →

Go Slow to Go Fast

The word that has been tapping my heart on the shoulder the last few weeks…slow. I don’t do slow so well. And when I do slow down, a little panic button gets pushed in my brain. It activates an alarm for about fifteen minutes until my brain recognizes that I’ve actually grown more productive since I held my horses. I… Read more →