Why We Don’t Practice

I always miss East-Coast-style fall here in LA. I even bought some liquid amber branches with some fall color on them at Trader Joe’s the other day. They were for Melissa, but were they really? But I am grateful that in LA you can still plant a fall garden, so hopefully there will be some good veggies to harvest by… Read more →

Being Chosen

About a year an a half ago in the musical theatre workshop, I stood at the dry erase board, and we talked about what we could do as artists in an environment (Los Angeles) that seemed to be offering less and less gainful employment to theatre actors. Long story short, two separate production companies grew from the seeds we planted… Read more →

First World Problems

Hope this finds you having a great May, and if you’re in inappropriately hot Los Angeles today, staying reasonably cool. …which would involve something like air conditioning, and leads me to this month’s thought… I have been appreciating this whole new “first world problems” meme that’s been circulating, hearing it a lot from clients as they tell me about an… Read more →

The Perfection of Your Mistakes

I’ve been thinking about a wonderful performer I had the privilege of working with when I toured with Phantom of the Opera…over a decade ago! Wha’ happen??? Patti Davidson Gorbea played Madame Giry, the ballet mistress, and I still remember her focus, precision, and professionalism. I remember she shared with me something a teacher of hers had said: There is no… Read more →

The D Word

Discipline. It’s a word most of us no likey, but I will put money on it being the thing that’s standing between us and the lives we were created to have. Okay, so first let’s get over our knee-jerk reaction to this word. Discipline derives from the Latin word disciplina (instruction) and disciplinus (a learner). It’s also related to the… Read more →