Boom 💥 You Project Completion Clutch —

I’m here amid the box towers and bubble wrap detritus thinking about you, asking what might give you a lil sumpin sumpin for your week.

I left the lid off the coffee pot last night when I set it up to brew, so this morning I encountered an open carafe of quickly cooling java. That’s where I’m at. ☕️ Still caffeinating, though 👍

I figure if Melissa and I are upright and saying mostly nice things, and the boys are alive and fed, we’re doing all right. 

Otherwise, this has been the story of this week– 

That’s me tryina catch a dressing-room-legs-on-the-chair-style power nap in the thirty minutes when the boys might be simultaneously quite.

Note the ever present laundry basket and diaper caddy to my left. And the sofa-dive pillow pile left over from the morning. 

An overwhelming and impossible endeavor like packing up a house and moving with two toddlers is a ready metaphor for us performer folk. 

And here it is. 

Put your body in the place. 

Have a sheet of paper and a pen to write down things as they come up because you might forget. 

Do one of the things on that list.

Cross it off in a celebratory fashion.

Write another thing down when it occurs.

Do another thing on the list. Cross off, celebrate.

Reward yourself and rest.

Do another thing.

Time will pass, and you’ll have done the thing. 

That’s what I’m holding on to. 

I’ll let you know in next week’s email if we are indeed as packed up and list-checked as I purport this method to achieve. 🚚

In the meantime, I hope you’ll look at whatever overwhelming thing is going on in your life, take out a sheet of paper, write some things down, put your body where it needs to be and do one of the things. 

Then lie on the floor and take a mouth-agape nap for fifteen minutes, have some peanut butter, and repeat.

Because remember–there’s only one you, and folks need to hear the song that only you can sing. 

Love much,

ps You wanna work with me in New York? 🥯️ After I get some sense of what the what is going on in my new gig at the BoCo, I want to start a monthly New York visit. 

I wanna help you 
🎵 choose a song that SANGS your natural vibe and will serve you in all the rooms
👨‍🏫coach you a couple times on the Zoom
🚂🗽then come to town for a live one-on-one with you and a group work session with that month’s cohort
👨‍🍳and then cook you dinner. 

I wanna keep it around 7 folks. 

Is that something you’d be into? Email me and tell me.

See you next week! I gotta go pack a box. muah! 🧡