“Dan teaches singing as a whole-body activity. His lessons are both practical and visceral; when I’m in a lesson with him, I can feel my technique getting better in real time.”

Rachel Bloom (Creator and Star Crazy Ex Girlfriend)

“Working with Dan changed the trajectory of my career. With Dan’s guidance, I found a freedom and confidence in my instrument that laid the foundation for my work. I use the tools I learned in my lessons with Dan to this day.”

–Gerald Caesar (A Bronx Tale, Choir Boy, Tina, What the End Will Be)

“I’ve known Dan Callaway for many years, and I can say emphatically that I’ve rarely known anyone with such a divine combination of skill, talent, expertise, passion, and joy when it comes to vocal performance. Dan’s mastery is top-level, his love of singing is infectious, and his way of working with people is just plain lovely. He’s clear, collaborative, encouraging, and fun. Anyone looking to develop as a singer would be lucky to study with him.”

–Michael Kostroff (The Producers, Les Miserables; Billions, The Wizard of Lies, The Plot Against America, The Wire; author The Stage Actor’s Handbook and Audition Psych 101

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