You’re a theatre singer who wants to feel freedom, love how confident you feel, and make your song a joy bomb? You found your spot.

There’s only one you. Share the story only you can sing.

You Get:

πŸ”Ž Reality-based answers to your singing questions, solutions to your problems, and systems to turn your frustrations into skill.

πŸ’™ A caring, empathic, challenging guide on the side who’s made more mistakes in front of paying crowds and audition table people than you have.

🫰🏻 Quick, fast, and powerful ways to understand your voice, style shifts, and tapping into authentic you.

🧐 Career figure-outing, rep advice, audition foot-shooting avoidance, incidental heart healing, and laughs


Start with a free session.

Book a half hour with me, ask me stuff, work on what’s most challenging for you right now, ask me about my favorite biscuit recipe.

(Your training is an investment, and I want you to feel confident about yours.)

Just tell me about you and grab a spot on my public booking page:

One Lesson

60 minutes | flexible scheduling | book anytime


Join the Calla-Crew!

A monthly commitment to your growth.

Thrive with like-hearted theatre singers with

2 inspiring online studio classes

1 monthly online industry guest Q&A (agents, directors, casting directors, and other folks who have invaluable behind-the-table insight.)

Schedule 1:1 sessions as you need 20% off regular rate

Full access to all recorded class and Q&A sessions.

$229/month (3-month commitment 🀝)

If we haven’t worked together before, set up a free session. We’ll make sure it’s a good fit for you.

A partial list of things you’ll chassΓ© away with when you work with me

  • Know how your breath works and how to work your breath.
  • Get unmixed up about your mix — understand your voice as a continuum of thousands of possibilities.
  • Build effective tools to collaborate with your adrenaline and come through with satisfaction when risk feels high.
  • Learn two crucial questions to unlock the door into any song.
  • Leverage vowels and know which ones go with what sounds (you’ll crack the code to no more cracking.)
  • Discover practical, straightforward ways to let authentic YOU sing the song — nothing more beautiful than that.
  • Get simple tweaks that take auditions from burn-out to boss.
  • Make simple and effective systems that get you to your goals quickly.

You’ll own these skills for yourself; I’ll hand you tools and make crazy sounds until we find the ones that work best for you.

Book your free session and get started now.