You’re a theatre singer who wants to feel freedom, love how confident you feel, and get to work? You found your spot.

There’s only one you. Share the story only you can sing.

You Get:

Reality-based answers to your singing questions, solutions to your problems, and systems to turn your frustrations into skill.

A caring, empathic, challenging guide who’s made more mistakes in front of paying crowds and audition table people than you have.

Quick, fast, and powerful ways to understand your voice, style shifts, and tapping into you.

Career figure-outing, rep advice, audition foot-shooting avoidance, incidental heart healing, and laughs


Start with a chat

Book a 15 minute zoom with me, ask me questions, work on what’s most challenging for you right now, ask me about my favorite biscuit recipe.

(Your training is an investment, and I want you to feel confident about yours.)

Just tell me about you and grab a spot on my public booking page:

One Lesson

30 minutes | flexible scheduling | book in available hours


60 minutes | flexible scheduling | book in available hours


Join the Online Community

This summer, we’re building a thriving online community —

This is a place where you can get top notch training tools while you connect with and help each other.

It’s going to be a community where folks help each other out and collaborate.

There’ll be courses and tools for

🎵 vocal technique,

✊ successful auditioning,

📖 storytelling and song interp,

🧰 life tools for creatives,

✅ step-by-steps to make your own work,

📒 audition book/rep SOS,

🎼 sheet music shares…

and any other help you need — let me know, and we’ll build it!

It’s free through the summer and will become a paid group soon, so get in there —

Things you’ll get when you work with me

  • Know how your breath works and how to work your breath.
  • Get unmixed up about your mix — understand your voice as a continuum of thousands of possibilities.
  • Build effective tools to collaborate with your adrenaline and come through with satisfaction when risk feels high.
  • Learn two crucial questions to unlock the door into any song.
  • Leverage vowels and know which ones go with what sounds (you’ll crack the code to no more cracking.)
  • Discover practical, straightforward ways to let authentic YOU sing the song — nothing more beautiful than that.
  • Get simple tweaks that take auditions from burn-out to boss.
  • Make simple and effective systems that get you to your goals quickly.

You’ll own these skills for yourself; I’ll hand you tools and make crazy sounds until we find the ones that work best for you.

Book your free session and get started now.