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The 7 mistakes smart theatre singers make — and the offensively easy ways to fix them, quick. 

INTRO: Singing is WEIRD ðŸŽĩðŸĪŠ

Remembering this one fact will help you navigate new singing coordinations with more ease and an open mind.

1. More Is Not Always More (ðŸŦ)

I mean, if we’re talking hugs or Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups, more is indeed more, but with singing, you’d be surprised at how a little of this goes a long way.

2. Believing There’s One Right Way to Move Air Out

Probably nothing more mystifying in learning to sing than that thing you do all night every night while you sleep — breathing. This should take some of the pressure off, sub-glottal and otherwise.

3. Eyeball Problems 👀

How Disney and Pixar films can completely UP-LEVEL you singing game.

4. Taking Yourself Thoooo Theriouthly

Seriously, though, this little list will help you BYO party wherever you go 🎉.

5. State Teleportation Attempts ðŸ›ļ

We’re not talking alien abductions or vanishing in Maryland and instantaneously appearing in Montana. Nope — this is about the one thing we do when we wanna get unstuck but end up spinning deeper in the mud (and the way to get out.)

6. Getting All Either-Or About Your Technique and Storytime

Two things can be true, and when it comes to singing, you need the 2 true things to help each other out.

7. Neglecting Your Warmth Dial 🌞

It’s not your thermostat, but this lil knob will open your heart, bring those beautiful feels closer to the surface, and let non-compete-able, unrepeatable you come through.

BONUS! 3 More Mistakes and Their Fixes ðŸĪŸ

But wait, there’s more! Vowel pitfalls, futile pursuits, and how your preparation and plans can work against you. And of course, ways you can mitigate these respective crises.

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