Can we all get clear on something?

Sometimes it is right and proper to use object pronouns.

The pronoun that suffers the most neglect: me.

Now, I admit: growing up in Surry County, it seemed as right as right could be to say to my mama, “Me and Ben (read: Bee-yun) are going down to the creek.”

But just because poor “me” has been misused, misplaced, and misconstrued as a subject pronoun doesn’t mean that we throw the grammar baby out with the object bathwater.

Quick example. “This means a lot to Melissa and ____.”

Y’all, it’s “me.”

Melissa and me.

There is a to before those people in that sentence, so I spy an object pronoun coming up.

Let’s do it again. Put yourself in this scenario. “The multiple Grammy Awards were awarded to my producer and ___.”

Yes! My producer and may! (It was a pop album.)

When in doubt, take the first person out of the list, and you’ll see what it’s sposed to be.

“The multiple Grammy Awards were awarded to my producer and me.”


If I can inspire just one of you to consciously embrace and hold fast to the object pronouns in your life, it will be so meaningful to you andme.:)