I’ve been finding out again that you figure things out by doing the next thing and talking to folks about what you’re up to.

The house concert I am doing in February, for example. I started thinking about what I wanted to do. I started to talk about it to friends and colleagues.

They responded to my ideas, and that helped me to pare down the eclectic circus of schemes I had in my head.

Then I started reaching out to places here in town that would be good for an intimate, informal evening. I didn’t hear back.

I talked to friends. Someone said, “Wait, I know. You should talk to the woman who owns the amazing restored house behind our house.”

I talked to her. The house was available.

We'll turn this room into a little concert hall

We’ll turn this beautiful room into a lil concert hall

But we needed a piano.

I went all the customary routes in pricing piano rentals.

Then the home owner was helping a friend who introduced her to someone who was moving a piano into storage and preferred to give it to her where it could have another life.

I paid for the moving costs (which was much less than a rental). Now we have a piano.

All of this is happening just because I have been doing things and talking to people about it. People generally want to help you do your thing.

So I encourage you. Go. Do. Talk about it. See what happens!