Sweet Beulah Land

When I was a little boy my mom and dad would sing this song at Woodville Baptist Church (near Westfield NC).

“Sweet Beulah Land” by Squire Parsons.

I remember the woman who often babysat me on Sunday afternoons and was my trusted source for Hubba Bubba, Hazel Norman (who also carried me into the church for the first time after I was born), would request it all the time.

A dear friend of ours, Anna Smith, recently asked me if I knew the song. She wanted to play it for her mother, Frances. My mom’s name is also Anna, and my grandma’s name is Frances, too. We were meant to be family.

So I found the chords and gave it a shot. Playing through it the first few times brought a tear or seven. Amazing how indelible these early memories are. “Precious memories,” as another hymn says. Grateful to be from these North Carolina hills and hollers.

Here you go, Anna Smith. Love you.


  1. Great Job Dan, I love that song

  2. Beautiful Dan. So spiritually soothing!

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