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What If Your Brain Became Your Singing Bestie? (🧠 = 🎵BFF)

How many teachers or well meaning actory friends have advised you to turn off all that mental chatter and just focus on, I dunno, an imaginary scene partner?

I’m not gonna tell you to do that. If you find a way to do it, let me know, though it sounds boring. Unabated mental yammering has kept my noggin entertained for over forty years.

In this video, you’ll find out about tools and gardening references that’ll help you

  • watch your thoughts like Jason Bourne clocks a crowded street peppered with secret snipers
  • slow your roll like someone just hit play on the Barry White Spotify radio and handed you a nice glass of Trader Joe’s vino
  • Understand how welcoming that pesky friend in is sometimes the quickest way to help them find the door
  • learn the counterintuitive, annoyingly simple way to poke your way out of almost any pickle
  • level up to black belt in one trait that’ll help you speed up your progress (also annoyingly simple)
  • practice the one body move that’ll smear icing on all this cake

All this and a stretchy reference to THE MUSIC MAN to boot. 🎺

This One Point of Focus Made Singing a Ton Easier for Me

Join me for this quick breathing breakdown where you’ll learn about

  • the one focus that made breath management beaucoup easier for me
  • how to get this into your body without wanting to run screaming from your practice room
  • a phobia I didn’t even know was a thing

In case you missed it

This Simple Tool Will Free You Up Before You Sing a Note

You’re mystified by breath support for singing? You think it’s arduous and boring? You just want to open your mouth and sing “24601”?

I’m with you. Breath is the first thing we forget to meditate into when we sing, and you and I both know that sounds don’t happen without it.

Let’s make conscious besties with this miracle we forget to notice every day, and let’s get the actual location of your diaphragm established.

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