This is a blog post that I’m writing because I told myself I would write one every day for the foreseeable future.

I fought through way too much traffic on the Mass Pike (the boys were troopers, though 🙌🏻), thought a lot about how I want to grow the teaching biz and share more. No epiphanies, but I’m listening.

And now I’m going to bed with a headache.

My brother in law treated us to Italian tonight which was terrific — rigatoni and meatballs in creamy marinara. Thanks Rob.

It was also in the low 80s today, so that’s a plus. Though the boys’ guest room got a little too hot, and they were too excited to go to bed, so I had to tap Melissa in before I hit someone and screamed “you turd!” These are the wins.

I hope you sang a little something today.