I got to work with MTCA (Musical Theatre College Auditions) last week in NYC, and it was terrific.

One thing I wanna tell you, well, two.

One — go ahead and sing the basic song that everybody sings.

There are 2 reasons for this.

Reason 1 is that the table people will already know it, so they can focus on you.

And that leads to reason number 2: If I’m listening to a new song, my brain will be split between you and the song itself.

What is this song? What’s the story? You have a lot more heavy lifting to do as the storyteller when you sing unfamiliar material.


Two — sing the basic song knowing that you’re the only one who can sing it like you do.

Objectively. Genetically, biologically, and on the level of your inimitable soul, you’re the only one who can sing it that way — which brings me to the real point.

Table people will know you can sing in the first couple of bars. What makes all the difference in the world is whether or not you open the door to your heart and invite folks in.

No one knows the secret things you’re singing about (and it’s none of our business), but we know if we’re invited into your singular, one-of-a-kind space.

When you do invite us in, your soul rises up, dissolves your ego, and shares beauty that you can’t even be aware of.

You’ll sparkle and love and care bear stare, and it’ll feel satisfying, beautiful, and a little like you’re doing nothing.

So go ahead. Nobody can basic like you basic.